Laparotomy Model

The Laparotomy Model can be used to simulate open laparotomy. Our simulator includes the superficial structure of the abdomen, subcutaneous fat, fascia, preperitoneal fat, and peritoneum. The base is water tight and can be filled with fluid to simulate internal bleeding. It also includes two alligator clips to secure internal tissue structures such as a simulated intestine, which can be purchased separately (Part number: LGI-10). Additional replaceable tissues (LPMT-10) are sold separately.

Packaged Savings


Skill Development

  • Incisions and closure of the midline abdominal region 
  • Bowel anastomosis
  • Surgery in the abdominal region


  • Lifelike synthetic tissue
  • Model base designed for multiple uses with replaceable tissue
  • Flexible model base can be used for a variety of procedures


  • Size: 15" h; 12" w; 6" d
  • Weight: 7 lbs