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About the System

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TraumaMan, which incorporates patented technology, offers a widely accepted and highly accredited training tool for surgical education programs.

TraumaMan is Anatomically CorrectTraumaMan is an anatomically correct human simulator with all the pertinent landmarks for locating each procedure. There is no translation required from animal anatomy to human anatomy and all organs required for each procedure are included.

TraumaMan is RealisticThe realistic body form skin and replaceable tissue sets have the highest fidelity touch and dissection of any simulated tissue available today. The replaceable tissue sets provide each student with a first cut experience. Tissue sets are filled with simulated blood and bleed when they are cut. TraumaMan also comes with a ventilator that provides an airway response in the pleural cavity, lungs, and trachea.

TraumaMan is the most flexible training platform available for advanced trauma training. The system allows the instructor to train in the proper ABC order, which cannot be done with an animal, plus the instructor has the ability to train just one procedure without the cost of a full animal. The System is easily set up in any type of facility such as a training room, a hotel meeting room, or in the field; and TraumaMan never dies, he will continue to bleed and breath for each and every student.

The TraumaMan System is also set up to be a convenient training solution to manage. The system is mobile and self-contained in an airline-approved, wheeled suitcase. It is easy to set up and break down after each course and it has straightforward maintenance requirements. There is also a simple ordering process in place for replaceable tissue sets that requires no additional purchase orders. The replaceable tissue sets are always in stock and will ship within 72 hours.

Most importantly, the TraumaMan System is affordable. Simulab has set up various pricing plans that allow course providers to rent, lease, or purchase the TraumaMan System. The costs for these plans are favorable to what it would cost to use an animal or a cadaver lab.

To learn more about our TraumaMan System, pricing plans, program implementation, or class scheduling, please contact Simulab.