Simulab Corporation

Improving patient safety through cost effective trainers
  • Pediatric task trainers include lumbar puncture, vascular access and trauma medicine. Trainers for both infant and five year old.

  • Learn basic and advanced suturing techique and knot tying under tension and at depth.

    BOSS (Basic Open Surgical Skills)
    Suturing Trainers
  • Expand your TraumaMan with our real--to-life Team Training scenarios. Get the blood pumping to improve team performance.

    Catastrophic Event
    Team Trainers
  • Used in over 30 countries and by more than 30,000 doctors for ATLS training. High fidelity touch and dissection. Simulated blood flow for unsurpassed realism. Replaceable tissue for first cut experience.

    TraumaMan® System
    Trauma Surgical Simulator
  • Real-time ultrasound-guided catheter placement. Realistic landmarks. Arterial pulse and venous pressure regulation. Highly durable, self-sealing replaceable tissue sets.

    CentraLineMan™ System
    CVC Trainers

We are never satisifed with “good enough.” For over 20 years, Simulab has been INNOVATING.

Our goal is true human realism in simulation. Our products look, feel and respond HUMAN.

And we are always improving. We listen to our customers, to industry societies, and to leading educators, yet all with a mind for economy. We provide practical, affordable REALISM.

But even more, we are committed to patient safety. We believe realistic simulation is key to providing training that improves patient safety. Our products have been PROVEN EFFECTIVE in academic and clinical settings.

Surgical Simulators

Simulab's TraumaMan is the most widely used surgical trainer in the world today. Our simulators provide educators with tools to train students and staff, reduce medical errors, and increase patient safety. Our goal is to provide task trainers and medical simulators that assist in making medical training thorough and effective, so that medical procedures and treatments are safely administered and patients receive the maximum benefit without costly complications. 

Medical Task Trainers

Our medical task trainers provide true-to-life, cost-effective training solutions for a wide variety of surgical and ultrasound-guided procedures. Self-sealing, replaceable tissues ensure multiple uses. Our trainers include: