Tissue Set Options


New Choices for TraumaMan Student Tissue Packages

    TraumaMan owners can now select packages for up to four students from three NEW chest tissue variations.  

Tman Tissue Variation 1

Classic Connect Bleeding is the tissue configuration TraumaMan owners are accustomed to using. It includes blood flow and pleura patches that attach to the thoracic cavity vest. 

Tman Tissue Variation 2

Quick Connect Bleeding is the same patented tissue as classic connect and integrates the pleura into the chest tissue so it attaches to TraumaMan as one, easy-to-use piece. 


Tman Tissue Variation 3

Quick Connect Non-Bleeding is the best value if bleeding tissue is not critical to your training. It also integrates the pleura into the chest tissue and easily connects to the TraumaMan System. 





TraumaMan is Extendable

The TraumaMan system extendable surgical platform gives instructors and students an opportunity to explore a wide variety of procedures in a realistic setting, while building communication and trauma team experience. Use the TraumaMan base alone, or add one of many available extensions including:

Surgical Abdomen for Catastrophic Event Team Training 

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SonoSkin Ultrasound Diagnostic Wearable for FAST and eFAST Exams

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Articulating Head for simulating an intubated patient, and creating a more authentic experience.

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Virtual Patient Monitor. Fully customizeable, PC-based software that updates in real time.

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TraumaChild, for pediatric trauma team training.

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