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TraumaMan Never Grows Old

The TraumaMan® System is the most widely used surgical simulator in the world. Over 375,000 clinicians in 40 countries have completed advanced surgical training using TraumaMan over the product’s rich history. That's roughly 35,000 medical professionals every year.  TraumaMan is evaluated and approved for use in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).  Since its release, TraumaMan is found and used often in military courses, Emergency Medical Support (EMS) Training and other trauma surgery and emergency life support simulations.

The system includes a wide variety of replaceable tissues for a first cut experience —every time. And, TraumaMan is a pioneering bleeding manikin, but the system never grows old. Year after year,  though collaboration with the medical community, it continues to evolve with upgrades, technology and new procedural modules.

System Features

  • Replaceable tissues,  providing each student with a first cut experience.
  • Important anatomical landmarks for each surgical procedure, with anatomically correct insides.
  • Flexible design so instructors can train in an ABC order or teach a single procedure.
  • Easily sets up in any type of facility —from a training room, to a hotel or out in the field. 

TraumaMan is Extendable



TraumaMan allows you to practice a wide variety of advanced surgical procedures

Torso Procedures for TraumaMan:

Chest Tube Insertion


Needle Decompression





Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage


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