TraumaMan for ATLS 10th Edition

Simulab and TraumaMan Have You Fully Covered With Flexible, Cost Effective New ATLS 10th Edition Options

Simulab ATLS

As you may know, the fidelity, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness of TraumaMan® has made it the most trusted ATLS trainer worldwide. In fact, an estimated 40,000 clinicians are trained each year using TraumaMan. Over the years, we have continually evolved the TraumaMan System’s features to remain current with new ATLS Editions, and we are fully committed to you in this regard.

We have been actively in development, using input from Simulab customers conducting Beta Tests for the ATLS 10th Edition, in addition to our own customer survey data—all to ensure our revisions fully meet course requirements and your needs. These important steps will ensure you continue to receive both the realistic training experience, and the industry leading customer service you rely on with Simulab.

Airway Station Enhancements – Introducing AirwayMan™

  • With Cricothyrotomy moving from the Surgical Skills Station to the Airway Station we are pleased to announce the addition of AirwayMan. This product offers a new level of intubation training realism, combined with the high fidelity Cricothyrotomy procedure currently found on TraumaMan.
  • AirwayMan will be launched before the end of 2017, well in advance of the 2018 ATLS 10th Edition roll-out. Please look for a demonstration of AirwayMan at the International Meeting of Healthcare Simulation (IMSH) in San Diego this January.
  • AirwayMan is a stand-alone trainer and will allow you to continue to use your existing TraumaMan for ATLS surgical skills training.
  • TraumaMan owners will be able to use TTA Points to add AirwayMan, or if you prefer you can trade in your current TraumaMan Articulating Head to receive credit toward AirwayMan.
  • For customers holding a supply of TraumaMan neck tissue we will be offering a trade in program (details will be announced with the 2017 AirwayMan launch).
  • For customers who rent TraumaMan body forms, AirwayMan will also be available for rent.

You Asked for Tissue Enhancements and More Flexible, Cost Effective Options.  And We Delivered Them.

  • Based on the recent survey results many of you provided, we are offering new, cost effective, non-bleeding tissue options. This allows you to maintain the high fidelity multi-layered tissue experience you want for student realism, while delivering training at a lower cost.
  • Tissue packs are customized, offering you the option of removing the Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage Abdomen (DPL) Tissue.
  • For customers holding a supply of DPL Tissue we will offer a trade in program (details will be announced).

TraumaMan Body Form Enhancements

  • TraumaMan Maintenance Program customers will see further enhancements to TraumaMan during your 2018 maintenance interval. These will include bilateral needle decompression, intraosseous infusion trainer, with even more enhancements planned!
  • This program makes your TraumaMan Maintenance Program even more valuable. To sign up or renew your agreement simply contact your Simulab Account Specialist.
  • For rental customers, our rental fleet will also be receiving upgrades.

Adjunct Stations and Optional Skills

  • Don’t forget that CentraLineMan® (including our new CentraLineWearTM wearable offering) and SonoManTM or SonoSkinTM FAST/eFAST training solutions are available to round out your ATLS class.
  • TraumaMan can still be used to teach optional skills such as Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage and Pericardiocentesis.
  • To expand your team training even further TraumaMan has a newly enhanced emergency Surgical Abdomen Training Platform.

Simulab is proud to be the world’s most widely used source of ATLS training products. We hope these updates have helped communicate our careful and deliberate planning to ensure that you continue to receive the highest fidelity, most cost effective solutions for ATLS.

We will share additional information as we roll out these enhancements, and as additional developments occur at Beta Sites. Have a question or need more information?

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