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From simple tissue pads that look, feel and suture like human, to complete technical skills packages for knot tying, injection, instrument handling and general suturing practice, Simulab has solutions that help 70% of U.S. medical schools safely practice and perfect suturing techniques.


BOSS Starter Package

Our BOSS (Basic Open Surgical Skill) Trainer is a flexible platform. Integrated tasks help students learn how to handle instruments, suture; and practice injection and knot tying techniques. And its ergonomic design and portability make it comfortable and easy-to-use at home or in the simulation lab. 

Each system includes video and assessment metrics developed by University of Washington educators that guides users through a series of suturing and knot-tying exercises to prepare for testing. BOSS can be purchased at a discount in a variety of Package Options or as a Volume Package to create a Surgical Skills lab for 10 students. 

Skill Development for BOSS

  • Skin surface suturing
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Deep wound closure

Student Suturing Kits

Student Suturing Kit packages include realistic tissue models, an instrument kit, and an instructional DVD providing visual and audio instruction on a wide variety of suturing skills.

Student Suturing Kit

Learn to Suture with Student Suturing Kit Packages

These suturing kits come with an instruction DVD as well as tissues, sutures and instrument--everything you need to perfect your suturing skills.

   Watch our Subcuticular Suturing Tissue Video.

Skill Development for Basic and Advanced Suturing Skills

  • Suturing on a skin surface
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Deep wound closure
  • Instrument handling

The Deluxe Student Suturing Kit also provides a contoured tension tray to simulate curved surfaces and open wounds.

Suturing Tissues 

Supplement your current set of tools with additional tissues for suturing practice and instrument handling. Our incredibly life-like tissues are affordable and versatile, and can be used alone or with a training platform like BOSS (BOSS-20). They provide a wide variety of lifelike suturing learning opportunities, from simple suturing to surgical procedures such as removing cysts.

Tissue Suturing Pad

Suturing Tissues

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