Ultrasound Paracentesis Training Package


The Ultrasound Paracentesis Training Package includes the Paracentesis Model and an additional replaceable tissue. This ultrasound compatible trainer allows the user to perform diagnostic and/or therapeutic paracentesis. The anatomically correct trainer is positioned to simulate a patient sitting up at a 45-degree angle with a distended abdomen and includes the pubic symphysis, iliac crest, and umbilicus. The procedure can be performed at the midline below the umbilicus or 2 fingerbreadths anterior and 2 fingerbreadths cephalad to the anterosuperior iliac spine. The inferior epigastric vessels can be visualized under ultrasound.


Skill Development

•Use an ultrasound probe to minimize risks and learn to:
      ◦locate the pocket of ascites
      ◦gauge the distance from skin to fluid, and avoid bowel
•Look for blood vessels beneath the skin using a vascular probe
•Drain the fluid from the peritoneal cavity
•Use traditional lateral gutter technique or midline linea alba technique
•Palpate anatomic landmarks significant to the procedure


•Ultrasound compatible with replaceable tissue
•Internal anatomy includes superficial epigastric vessels, liver and spleen, rectus abdominal muscles, and intestines
•Allows up to one liter of intraperitoneal fluid removal
•Replaceable tissue is durable and allows for repeated use
•Palpable anatomy and realistic needle response

Paracentesis Base, Two Replaceable Tissue (PACT-20), 7/16” Nut Driver


  • Size: 14" h; 14" w; 10.5" d
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs 


Ultrasound Paracentesis Replaceable Tissue