TraumaMan Three-year Maintenance and Support Agreement


The three-year Maintenance and Support Agreement for the TraumaMan® System includes repair or replacement of the heavily used system components that are vulnerable to excessive incisions, needle sticks, or other damage that can occur during normal training use. If any portion of the system is showing wear and tear, Simulab will refurbish it annually as a part of this program. All repairs and refurbishment under this agreement will be completed at Simulab’s facility in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Annual Refurbishment (initiated by customer)

  • Body Form Skin (TMP-1004)
  • Thoracic Cavity Vest (TMP-1006) and Rib Cage (TMP-1020)

To receive refurbishment of any of these parts, please contact Customer Service for an RMA number. Customer Service will also provide instructions on how and what to return to initiate this process.

Production turn time is four weeks upon receipt of materials. Expedited freight is available upon request and a quote will be provided. The customer is responsible for all freight costs associated with replacement or refurbishment.

Simulab will refurbish these parts in as close to “like new” condition as possible. If the part cannot be repaired due to damage outside of normal wear and tear, Simulab will contact the customer with available options.

Thoracic Cavity Vest and Rib Cage Refurbishment

When requesting refurbishment of the Thoracic Cavity Vest or Rib Cage, please send the entire Thoracic Cavity. Simulab will disassemble, check all parts, refurbish and return to the Customer. Please do not attempt to disassemble.

If any of these parts need replacing or refurbishment more than once per year as outlined in this agreement, please refer to the Replacement Parts Catalog in this manual for the replacement or refurbishment pricing associated with that product. Please contact Customer Service for an RMA number or Sales Order.

Please note: Maintenance and Support Agreement cannot be purchased with a Tissue Allowance.