TraumaChild Three-year Maintenance and Support Agreement


The three-year Maintenance and Support Agreement for the TraumaChild System includes repair or replacement of the heavily used system components that are vulnerable to excessive incisions, needle sticks, or other damage that can occur during normal training use.

If any portion of the system is showing wear and tear, Simulab will refurbish it annually as a part of this program.* In addition, each year of the three-year agreement the customer will receive a new Cricothyroid Cartilage Cover, Pericardiocentesis Bladder, Needle Decompression Bladder, and a Replaceable Trachea. All repairs and refurbishment under this agreement will be completed at Simulab's facility in Seattle, Washington.

* If a portion of the system is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and must be replaced entirely, a charge may be incurred. Simulab will contact the customer to discuss options.

Please note: Maintenance and Support Agreement cannot be purchased with a Tissue Allowance.