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SonoSkin Ultrasound Diagnostic Wearable for FAST


SimuWear Wearable Trainer

SonoSkin is a wearable, diagnostic ultrasound training platform that's easily added to virtually any training scenario for FAST and eFAST exam learning. SonoSkin can be worn on a standardized patient, TraumaMan or your own patient simulator. With SonoSkin software, instructors can illustrate views used during exams and teach proper ultrasound probe positioning. Our extensive pathology library includes images and videos from up to ten actual patients. SonoSkin can be set to “mentor” mode, which includes visual instruction and space for unique notations or “student” mode, which randomly selects patient scenarios for hands-on learning.

FAST Exam Module (Included)

Using a simulated probe, students and instructors can generate real ultrasound images and video for the four FAST exam target windows. The  FAST Exam Module includes five patient image and video libraries for each target window (two normal and three abnormal).

  • Patient 1: Free Fluid in Pelvis
  • Patient 2: Free Fluid in Pelvis
  • Patient 3: Fluid in Right Upper Quadrant, Left Upper Quadrant, and Pericardial
  • Patient 4: Normal
  • Patient 5: Normal

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