SonoSkin® Ultrasound Diagnostic Wearable for FAST and eFAST Training Package


SimuWear® Wearable Trainer v2.0

SonoSkin is a wearable, diagnostic ultrasound platform that’s easily added to virtually any training scenario for FAST and eFAST exam learning. SonoSkin can be worn on a standardized patient, on TraumaMan or your patient simulator. With SonoSkin software, instructors can illustrate ultrasound views used during the FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma) and eFAST exams. Our extensive pathology library includes images and videos from up to ten actual patients. SonoSkin can be set to "mentor" mode, which includes visual instruction and space for unique notations or "student" mode, which randomly selects patient scenarios for hands-on learning.


Skill Development

  • Diagnose patient pathologies
  • Identify anatomical landmarks for exam window locations
  • Gain a broad view of patient pathologies--read and interpret various normal and abnormal images for each window (two normal and three abnormal per module)


  • Life-like, realistic tissue with real-time imagery retrieved from actual patients.
  • Easily integrates to your system with a simulated ultrasound probe that plugs into your PC.
  • Diagnostic capabilities for pathologies not commonly seen when training on real patients.
  • Provides longitudinal views of both the pericardial and pelvic windows and a video for each window of each patient for FAST exam training.
  • Easily expands your TraumaMan System for both ATLS or team-based training. Can also be used on any standardized patient or your own simulation

Product Components

  • SonoSkin Body Form Tissue, Simulated Ultrasound Probe and Protective Foam Cover, FAST and eFAST Module Software, SonoSkin Wearable Strap, Carrying Case

*PC Not Included


  • 32" x 8" x 6"
  • 10 lbs.


SonoSkin® Wearable Strap



SonoSkin® Ultrasound Probe Protector



SonoSkin® Carrying Case



Simulated Ultrasound Probe - Transabdominal



Skin Conditioning Powder