SonoSkin® eFAST Module


The extended eFAST Module for SonoSkin is for existing SonoSkin FAST customers only. It allows examining of both lungs by adding bilateral anterior thoracic sonography to the FAST exam. Teach users how to evaluate the thorax for pneumothorax and hemothorax by integrating this module to your already flexible SonoSkin Ultrasound Diagnostic Wearable for FAST This module includes real ultrasound images and video for each of the four additional extended FAST exam target windows. With two versions of each image- student and mentor- the user has access to an annotated version of each image. In addition to the mentor version, which provides a standard explanation, the instructor mode allows the instructor to include additional annotations. The student mode picks normal or abnormal images randomly based on the study application selected, providing students the opportunity to diagnose patients. Module Contents Five patient image and video libraries for each window (two normal and three abnormal) • Patient 1: Fluid in Pelvis, Abnormal Thorax, Pneumothorax, Bilateral Peritoneal Fluid • Patient 2: Fluid in Thorax, Pneumothorax • Patient 3: Fluid in Thorax, Pneumothorax • Patient 4: Normal • Patient 5: Normal

Skill Development

  • Identify anatomical landmarks used for identification of window locations for the exam
  • Gain a broad view of patient pathologies--read and interpret various normal and abnormal views.
  • Provides users the knowledge and skills that translate to diagnostic decision making on real patient pathologies


  • Extremely realistic—lifelike tissue, and real-time images and videos retrieved from real patients
  • Affordable and Flexible—expand your current ultrasound training platform by integrating this universal body form skin to your system; simulated ultrasound probe plugs into PC.
  • Offers users the unique experience in diagnosing pathologies not commonly experienced when training on real patients.
  • Provides longitudinal views of both the pericardial and pelvic windows and a video for each window of each patient.




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