SonoMan® Training Package


SonoMan Diagnostic Ultrasound Training Package - includes the SonoMan System and six software modules

SonoMan is an affordable diagnostic ultrasound training platform designed for physicians to become proficient in the use of trauma, emergency/bedside ultrasound in evaluating critically ill patients. The system offers the most extensive image and video pathology library with six software modules, each providing up to seven clinical cases presenting with normal or abnormal findings. This allows instructors to mimic a variety of pathologies in emergent or critical care settings.

The system includes a body form embedded with 258 image locations, a simulated ultrasound probe, and up to six software modules. Instructors can pre-program pathologies allowing users to assess, locate, and then diagnose the patient while visualizing the complete thoracic and abdominal region. As the simulated probe scans the body form, real patient ultrasound images are displayed on the computer monitor. For added realism, videos have been embedded in target zones that coincide with each image.

* PC/Laptop not included.


Modules you will receive:

•F.A.S.T. Module

•Echo Module

•Gallbladder Module

•Renal Module

•eFAST Module

•AAA Module

Skill Development

  • Understand and diagnose disease states using real patient images and videos and real US acquisition on the body form
  • Identify external landmarks through visualization and palpation of the soft tissue body form and internal landmarks through ultrasound views


  • Simulated ultrasound probe plugs into a PC
  • Software that allows any PC to simulate an ultrasound machine (PC/Laptop not included – Windows-based only)
  • Body form with embedded targets for each of the viewing windows based on the computer module selected
  • Transverse and longitudinal viewing options
  • All images and videos are of actual patients - both normal and abnormal
  • Each module includes an instructor (enable visual instruction with mentor mode to discuss pathology and diagnoses) and student mode (randomly selects patient)
  • Mentor mode allows users to activate the onscreen labels that identify the anatomy and pathology of any of the digital images 

Included Modules


  • SonoMan Body Form, SonoMan Software, Simulab Ultrasound Probe, Carrying Case


  • Size: 33" x 23" x 11" 
  • Weight: 35 lbs


AAA Module for SonoMan® System



Echo Module for SonoMan® System



eFAST Module for SonoMan® System



F.A.S.T. Module for SonoMan® System



Gallbladder Module for SonoMan®



Renal Module for SonoMan® System



SonoMan® Carrying Case



Probe Protector- Transabdominal



Simulated Ultrasound Probe - Transabdominal



Skin Conditioning Powder