SimuCric Surgical Airway Training Simulator

Cric Trainer

The New SimuCric System was created with the same technology found in TraumaMan, the world’s most widely used surgical simulator, and is designed to help medical professionals practice surgical cricothyroidotomy and tracheostomy.

This realistic cric trainer is anatomically accurate with all relevant landmarks. The mobile trainer provides a first cut experience for each student using our patented multi-layered replaceable tissues.

The Trainer includes two TM-NK neck tissues to get you started on your training right away.

Procedural Training includes:

  •  Needle and Surgical Cricothyroidotomy
  •  Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  •  Air Jet Ventilation
  •  Seldinger technique

Product Includes:

  • One SimuCric Trainer
  • Two Replaceable Neck Tissues, with four cric membranes


TraumaMan 2-Student Neck Kit