Regional Anesthesia and Vascular Access Femoral Training Package

Femoral Training Package

Practice both Femoral Vascular Access as well as Femoral Regional Anesthesia with this training package.  The package includes everything you need to build on your practice.  Start your training on the Venipuncture Pad with Nerves, move to femoral access with the ultrasound compatible FemoraLineMan tissue, and move up to the regional anesthesia with the Regional Anesthesia Femoral tissue.  The package also includes a pack of non-sterile guidewires.  

The Regional Anesthesia Femoral Block Trainer allows skills practice for femoral nerve blocks with ultrasound compatible tissue, and is compatible with our FemoraLineMan Vascular Access tissue. This trainer allows ultrasound practice with visualization of the most clinically relevant femoral anatomy and needle tip to ensure proper manipulation, placement, and proximity to the nerves. The trainer is embedded with SmarTissue technology, allowing the system to connect with any PC to provide needle-to-nerve visuals and audio verification of proper technique.


  • Ultrasound is compatible for guidance during needle insertion.
  • Anatomically correct lower torso with landmarks for placing femoral blocks.
  • Distinct “pop” is visualized and palpated when the needle passes through the fascia layers.
  • SmarTissue software interprets unique signals, showing orange when in contact and red when penetrating the nerve.


  • Inguinal crease
  • Inguinal ligament
  • Anterior superior iliac spine
  • Pubic tubercle
  • Pulse of Femoral artery
  • Ultrasound Anatomy
  • Femoral nerve
  • Femoral artery and vein
  • Fascia lata and iliacaIliopsoas
  • Muscle Inguinal Ligament


  • SmarTissue Lower Body Form
  • FemoraLine Man Replaceable Tissue 
  • Regional Anesthesia Femoral Replaceable SmarTissue
  • SmarTissue Software
  • Non-Sterile Guidewires (25 pack)
  • Universal Needle Adapter
  • Hand Pump
  • Carrying Case
  • Venipuncture Pad with Nerves (4"x8"x1")
  • Laptop not included
Femoral Line Training $599.00


Regional Anesthesia Femoral Replaceable SmarTissue

Femoral Line Training


FemoraLineMan Replaceable Tissue



Non-Sterile Guidewires (25 pack)