PICCLineMan Tissue Pack


Stock up and Save 5% on Replaceable Tissue Variations for your PICCLineMan Training System.

Enhance your training regimen with all three Tissue Variations. The PICCLineMan Tissue Pack features normal, obese and geriatric replaceable tissues with the same life-like anatomical differences found in live patients. Designed with clinically relevant anatomy and time-tested ultrasound compatibility that maintains visual acuity and market leading durability.


  • Realistic ultrasound image
  • Ultra-durable for repeated needle sticks and catheterizations
  • Includes all necessary anatomical landmarks
  • Includes arterial pulse
  • Has two colors of simulated blood
  • Easy to refill simulated fluid reservoirs
  • Replaceable tissue comes prefilled with two colors of fluid


  • Normal Replaceable (PLMT-10)
  • Obese Tissue (PLMOT-10)
  • Geriatric Tissue (PLMGT-10)