PICCLineMan Replaceable Tissue

Replaceable Tissue for PICC Line Training

These replaceable tissues offer unsurpassed realism in ultrasound imaging, even after repeated full catheterizations and needle insertions—there is no perceivable residual image of previous procedures. They are also ultra-durable and self-sealing tissues—capable of enduring hundreds of needle insertions and dozens of full catheterizations. The tissues includes the necessary landmarks that are both palpable externally and visible under ultrasound. Practice isolation and needle insertion on all three access sites using ultrasound guidance - increase skills and confidence in insertion depth, angle and location.

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  • Realistic ultrasound image
  • Ultra-durable for repeated needle sticks and catheterizations
  • Includes all necessary anatomical landmarks
  • Includes arterial pulse
  • Has two colors of simulated blood
  • Easy to refill simulated fluid reservoirs
  • Replaceable tissue comes prefilled with two colors of fluid


  • Size: 10.5" h; 4.5" w; 2.5" d
  • Weight: 3 lbs