Patient Positioning Tray


Provide users with a unique training experience by adding Simulab’s Patient Positioning Tray to your CentraLineMan® system or Regional Anesthesia Trainer. Users will gain knowledge on the variety of patient positions for procedures, gain an understanding of how patient positioning affects procedural outcomes, and develop the skills necessary for distinguishing which position is optimal per the patient and procedure. Above all else, the tray provides users the opportunity to train as realistically as possible by including patient positioning, a crucial step in performing the complete central line and nerve block procedures.


  • Compatible with both the CentraLineMan System and the Regional Anesthesia Trainer and offers users the opportunity to practice the complete central line insertion and nerve block administration procedures from start to finish.
  • Provides two patient positions:
    • Place your CentraLineMan system into a 15° Trendelenburg position for central line insertion
    • Place your Regional Anesthesia Trainer into a 15° semi-lateral position for nerve block administration.
  • Enhanced procedural realism—perform line insertion or nerve blocks on simulators positioned exactly how patient s would be for the procedures
  • Portability—practice simulation in settings of actual patient care.


  • 8”L x 14”W  x  4”H
  • 2.5 lbs.