Large Venipuncture Pad Package


Our ultrasound-compatible Venipuncture Pads are perfect for practicing venipuncture, nerve identification, or peripheral catheterization on varying sized veins filled with red fluid. The three veins in the pads are slightly visible through the skin surface on one side and more obscured by a thicker tissue layer on the other side. 


Skill Development

  • Obtaining intravenous access
  • Withdrawing fluids
  • Inserting a catheter into a deep vein
  • Using ultrasound guidance
  • Interacting with a patient during the procedure


  • Ultrasound compatible
  • Three different sized veins
  • Simulates veins that are deep in the body
  • Three veins in this two-sided pad are obscured by a thick tissue layer
  • Includes Luer lock tips, a syringe, and eight ounces of blue fluid for easy refilling
  • Very durable, self-sealing tissue that, when viewed under ultrasound, does not show needle tracks
  • Refill veins for multiple uses


  • Large Venipuncture Pad
  • Red Concentrate
  • Luer Lock Syringe
  • Two Simulated IV Bags and Table Top IV Pole


  • Size: 4" w x 8" l x 2" d
  • Weight: 2 lbs


Large Venipuncture Pad (4x8x1)