Hernia Model


The Hernia Trainer is an anatomically correct body form that allows clinicians to practice essential hands-on skills and techniques for each stage of direct (abdominal wall) or indirect (inguinal canal) surgical mesh placement. The trainer includes realistic anatomic structures and has three designated areas for mesh patch placement and fixation, and can be reused for repeated training.




Skills Development

  • Recognition of anatomical landmarks and tissue planes
  • Preparing the operating field
  • Mesh sizing and placement
  • Mesh fixation


  • Anatomically correct model
  • Lifelike synthetic tissue
  • Realistic vessel, testicle, and cord structures
  • Includes ilium and pubic simulated bone structures, ligament of Cooper, transversalis fascia, external iliac vessels, inferior epigastric vessels, and parietal peritoneum
  • Designed for multiple uses


  • Size: 16" h; 16" w; 6" d
  • Weight: 10 lbs