Gallbladder Module for SonoMan®


The Gallbladder Module enables students to evaluate and diagnosis if gallstones are present or if the patient has a sonographic Murphy sign.

With two versions of each image - student and mentor - the user has access to an annotated version of each image. In addition to the mentor version, which provides a standard explanation, the "Instructor" mode allows the instructor to include additional annotations.

There is one window for this module which allows the user to view the gallbladder in various positions. The image library includes images and a video of two normal patients and five abnormal patients and the viewing window includes several targets to provide a complete view of the exam window.

About SonoMan (sold separately). SonoMan is an affordable diagnostic ultrasound training platform designed for physicians who need to become proficient in the use of trauma, emergency or bedside ultrasound in evaluating critically ill patients.  The system offers the most extensive image and video pathology library with six software modules each providing up to seven actual patients presenting as normal or with abnormal pathologies allowing instructors to mimic a variety of presented pathologies in both an emergent or clinical setting.   The System comes with a Body Form embedded with 258 image locations that allow users to visualize the complete thoracic and abdominal region with one or more software modules that fit the unique needs of their program.

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Skill Development

  • Landmarks on the body used for identification of window location for the exam
  • Reading and understanding the various normal and abnormal views
  • Read diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Identify external and internal landmarks for a gallbladder exam


  • Several targets in the window for a complete view
  • All images and videos are of actual patients - both normal and abnormal
  • Mentor mode allows users to activate the onscreen labels of any of the digital images
  • Each module includes an instructor (teaching) and student (exam) mode


  • Gallbladder Module Software