Electronic Data Generation for Evaluation


EDGE is the next generation of reality-based laparoscopic training. This ground-breaking training system will revolutionize surgical education. Using laparoscopic instruments integrated with six sensors, EDGE measures the time for each exercise, path, rotation, and force of the instruments. Results are based on actual haptics, providing quantifiable results to its users.


  • Laparoscopic instruments, which are integrated with six sensors tracking time, path, rotation, and force
  • A flexible training platform and interchangeable instrument handles, allowing for an unlimited variety of tasks including the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) drills
  • Independent, un-proctored skill testing and scoring with recommendations for improvement – users will be given a score graded on a bell-shaped curve
  • The utilization of a continually expanding group of surgical experts from which to create its data for assessment


  • Provides an affordable laparoscopic training system
  • Uses real exercises with actual haptics
  • Includes a flexible training platform, enabling users to develop unique