Arthrocentesis Replaceable Tissue


The Arthrocentesis Replaceable Tissue is highly durable, anatomically correct and perfect for practicing diagnosing and managing the presence of knee effusion. Ultrasound compatible areas, including the patella, patellar ligament, tibia, fibula, femur, synovial sac, and synovial fluid. Synovial fluid can be aspirated from a joint cavity using the medial or lateral approach. And insertion sites include suprapatellar and parapatellar.


Skill Development

  • Learn to ballot or milk the suprapatellar pouch
  • Needle aspiration and injection techniques
  • Palpating anatomic landmarks significant to the procedure
  • Realistic tactile feedback throughout procedure


  • Ultrasound compatible
  • Highly durable replaceable tissue for multiple uses
  • Realistic tactile feedback includes:
    • Sensation of bony contact if the needle hits the patella
    • Sensation of bony contact if the needle hits the femur
    • Inability to aspirate the syringe while the needle tip is in the soft tissue superficial to the joint capsule
    • Easy aspiration of joint fluid into the syringe once entry has been achieved
  • Fluid can be left clear or be colored if desired
  • Ability to increase or decrease the size of effusion with up to 60 cc of fluid


  • Size: 6" h; 5.5" w; 4.25" d
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs