The PacerMan™ System- For Transvenous Pacing Training

Meet PacerMan
      The first high-fidelity simulator for immersive transvenous pacing from insertion to capture using your own equipment.

Simulab's patented, SimuSensor technology powers PacerMan, a new high-fidelity simulator with ultrasound compatible soft-tissue. Imagine students practicing multiple outcomes for the entire transvenous pacing procedure using their own equipment and kits —all in an immersive simulation setting. Using either a blind or ECG guided technique, they can perform this life-saving and rare procedure with their pacing generator, a simulated patient monitor, and ECG analyzer.

PacerMan easily transports from a pre-hospital setting to the emergency room without interrupting the flow of simulation and learning. The system is Bluetooth compatible and untethered, making it easy to transport and set-up.
PacerMan Teaching Points
Use with your equipment   Real Time Monitoring   Team Training

Focus on deliberate practice
and acquire a pathway to
mastery--from insertion
to capture.


Assess live waveforms while
manipulating your own
pacing generator.


Improve mission critical
team training in real or
simulated settings with
tetherless mobility.

PacerMan users have an opportunity to assess waveforms and manipulate their own pacing generator, while learning to respond to the system's live physiological responses. They'll build new skills and gain confidence as they advance from initial training on successful capture, to more advanced training using the ECG guided approach with intracardiac rhythms and variable placement outcomes. And, each instructor has an opportunity to set up the training and define various catheter placement outcomes.

Users also have an opportunity to interact with the actual equipment, with a focus on patient safety. For example, at the point of capture, they may step back and realize they’ve missed something as simple and as critical as placing the contamination shield over the lead.  


*NOTE: Optional Laptop can be included.
** Works with any off-the-shelf pacing generator (not included)

     See PacerMan in Person
        American College of Emergency Physicians
        Washington, DC, October 30 - November 1, 2017


“PacerMan is an outstanding resource for teaching transvenous pacer    placement.There is nothing else like it. 
We have now taught TVPacer placement to 150 physicians and have found it extremely valuable!”

Jeffrey Tabas, MD
Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine


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