Medical Device Manufacturers

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Industry Solutions for Device and Diagnostic Manufacturers

  • Present the unique strengths of your medical devices through presentations

  • Show your customers how to correctly interact with your products

  • Allow clinical customers to educate their patients with device demonstrations

Custom Built For Medical Device Manufacturers, Clinicians and First Responders

Simulab highlights the unique aspects of your product in the most convincing, durable and affordable way. After over 23 years of experience collaborating with industry leaders to deliver soft-tissue technology, synthetic anatomy, tissue models and laparoscopic training technology, Simulab is well positioned to respond to your custom requests quickly and cost effectively. Simulab builds cost effective replicas of medical-grade devices.

How does it work?

1. Our Seattle based design, development, engineering and manufacturing team will thoroughly understand your objectives and take you through our process.

2. You’ll receive a customized plan based on quality, price and durability to precisely fit your needs.

3. Then we’ll deliver, according to your plan, a custom solution with your design and branding elements incorporated.






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