COVID-19 Resource Center

Free Access to Simulab's Vital Signs Monitor Software

Through June 30th, 2020 Simulab is offering free access to the Virtual Patient Monitor Software. This robust platform is controlled from an instructor window projecting on-the-fly vitals to a student view screen. Instructors can change any of the standard vitals over the desired trend time or even create custom indicators, depending on the simulation. Using screen share technologies, this can easily be controlled and viewed from anywhere. Learn More.

Free Access to Simulab’s CVC Online Curriculum

Simulab recognizes that during this challenging time there is an urgent need for continuing training and education on critical procedural skills. Simulab would like to support this need by providing opportunities to help transition skills training out of the classroom and to interactive online formats. Simulab is currently offering free access through July 13th, 2020 to the online didactic portion of the Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Catheterization (CVC) Curriculum to qualifying training programs in the medical community. Learn More.

Free Access to Online Suturing Skills Training Videos

Many students will be required to practice skills remotely. Simulab offers solutions for your students to get the hands-on training they need.

Learn More about the options for training supplies.

Register for free access to Simulab Curriculum Services Online Suturing Video Training Series through June 30th, 2020. 

ICU Training Resources

The team at Simulab strives to support our simulation partners around the world as you prepare for the large volume of patients entering the ICU, and the urgent need for your healthcare professionals to be trained in ICU protocols. Learn More.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Simulator

All Simulab training simulators have been designed to be easy to clean and easy to sanitize.  Learn More.