Central Line Simulator

The CentraLineMan™ is the most widely used central venous catheterization training solution on the market today with thousands of CentraLineMan Systems in use worldwide by hospitals, medical schools, nursing schools, and government entities.

Leveraging 20 years of experience and specialized knowledge of materials and manufacturing process, Simulab has created the CentraLineMan System, a flexible, portable, affordable, and clinically relevant substitute for animal and human subject central line catheterization training.

Simulab understands the importance of providing users with a product line that has functionality over multiple procedures.  As students’ progress or seasoned physicians’ look to enhance their training, this flexible system offers unsurpassed value with clinically relevant anatomy, ultrasound compatible tissues that maintain visual acuity, market leading durability from needle sticks and full catheterizations, and the flexibility to interchange your CVC learning experience.

Investing in CentraLineMan and any of Simulab’s other products, comes with a guarantee of receiving exceptional customer service, visibility and support for product upgrades, and the guarantee of no customer being left behind as we keep pace with medical education industry advancements.

Collaboration with the Medical Education Community

The CentraLineMan System was developed in collaboration with feedback from customers, industry societies, and leading clinical educators.  This collaborative effort between Simulab and the medical education community can be seen through publication projects that have featured CentraLineMan as the cornerstone for simulation based mastery learning research.

Immersive Training

Dedication to educating the world’s best doctors and deep domain knowledge of best practice in the medical field drives Simulab’s innovations, pushing the medical education industry toward the most immersive central line insertion training possible. The CentraLineMan System, now in its fourth generation, is continually enhancing its realism and expanding on its training capabilities, allowing clinical educators and seasoned professionals to always stay up to date on the standards of care and procedural skills necessary for central line insertion.

Dedicated to Patient Safety

Preventable medical errors account for 1,000 deaths and 10,000 serious complications per day in the US. Improving patient safety is central to Simulab’ s mission, and we are leading the charge in pushing the industry toward the adoption of simulation in clinical settings to improve patient safety. The CentraLineMan System has been proven effective in academic and clinical settings, providing training proven to improve patient outcomes by reducing medical errors associated with central line catheterization. 

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