New Complete Airway Management Simulator Appeared at ACEP17

Last month in Washington D.C., ACEP Scientific Assembly exhibitor, Simulab Corporation, showcased a prototype of their new tactile, flexible and notably realistic airway management training system, AirwayMan™. AirwayMan is the much anticipated result of Simulab’s collaborations with leading healthcare educators. It offers a high-fidelity, soft-tissue training solution that allows users to safely master a full range of basic to advanced airway skills—from intubation to needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy.

Emergency Physicians at ACEP17 who reviewed the prototype commented that its head feels properly weighted and lifelike. The strong jaw moves fluidly and mirrors complex soft pallet alignments found in patients when they are prepared for intubation. And, because a significant number of airway training models contain latex, which can create health concerns for users, many were relieved to discover AirwayMan is completely latex-free. Others who reviewed the model were enthusiastic about AirwayMan’s modular design in that it opens the door to creating more challenging airway training components in the future. AirwayMan will make its next appearance at The International Meeting on Healthcare Simulation in Los Angeles in January 2018. For more information contact Simulab at [email protected] / 206-297-1260.


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