• Suturing Trainers

    BOSS (Basic Open Surgical Skills)

    Discover suturing training kits for basic to advanced skill building including instrument handling, knot tying at depth, wound closure and more.

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  • PacerMan Transvenous Pacing Training System.

    Transvenous Pacing Training

    PacerMan System

    PacerMan has arrived. Transvenous pacing training will never be the same. Find out why 150 physicians are already singing his praises.

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  • The TraumaMan System. A Trauma Surgical Simulator.

    Trauma Surgical Simulator

    TraumaMan® System

    Over 375,000 clinicians in 38 countries have used TraumaMan during advanced surgical training. It is the most widely used surgical simulator in the world. Approved for ATLS courses since 2001.

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  • CentraLineMan CVC Trainer. An anatomically correct central venous catheterization trainer.

    CVC Trainers

    CentraLineMan System

    Anatomically correct CentraLineMan for central venous catheterization training now comes with time-tested ultrasound compatible tissue variations so life-like you can feel the palpable differences.

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  • LumbarPunctureBaby Pediatric Trainer. An anatomically correct and clinically accurate lumbar puncture immersive pediatric trainer.

    Pediatric Trainer


    The only pediatric trainers as anatomically correct and clinically accurate as LumbarPunctureBaby are TraumaChild and VascularAcessChild. Taken together they encompass immersive pediatric training on lumbar puncture, vascular access and trauma medicine.

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About Simulab®

Just Touch our Tissues To Feel the Difference
Simulab is a medical simulation company, dedicated to replicating human anatomy, and turning it into realistic, easy-to-use training tools that help save lives. By collaborating closely with leading educators world-wide, leveraging our 23 years of experience and constantly pushing the boundaries of realistic tissue discovery, Simulab has become the market leader for realistic and affordable trainers for a vast array of healthcare simulation models. Our mission is to create a human mimic so perfect, participants feel truly immersed —in every procedural training. Just touch our tissues to feel the difference. You’ll see they look, feel, ultrasound, suture and bleed just like human.


“PacerMan gives you a sense of actually threading the wire down into the heart, and seeing what you would see on the monitor. It absolutely increases the realism for transvenous pacing.”

Ernie Wang, MD, FACEP

Alvin H. Baum Family Fund Chair of Simulation and Innovation, Northshore University Health System.

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