Practice Suturing - Basic and Advanced

Simulab offers suture training kits and individual suturing pads at varying price levels to meet customer needs!

BOSS Starter Package Student Suturing Kit   Subcuticular Suturing Model
BOSS Starter Package: $457.00 Student Suturing Kit: $190.00 Subcuticular Suturing Model: $50.00
 Suturing Instrument Kit Tissue Suture Pad  Complex Tissue Model 
Suturing Instrument Kit: $38.00 Tissue Suture Pad: $28.00 Complex Tissue Model: $84.00
Tissue Model Adjustable Tissue Tray Student Tissue Pack
Tissue Model: $50.00 Adjustable Tissue Tray: $175.00 Student Tissue Pack: $218.00
Large Intestine Double-layered Intestine  Laparotomy Model
Simulated Bowel (Large or Small): $45.00 Double-layered Intestine: $73.00  Laparotomy Model: $431.00