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Pediatric Simulators

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View an Introduction to VascularAccessChild video.

View an Introduction to TraumaChild video.

Simulab has leveraged 15 years of global experience, customer feedback, and manufacturing advancements to bring realistic and effective training tools to Pediatrics. Simulab is pleased to announce two new pediatric simulators - both created in the likeness of our highly acclaimed systems, TraumaMan and CentraLineMan, but designed to meet the distinct needs of pediatrics.

TraumaChild is a pediatric simulator that is designed to train advanced trauma surgical skills. Like TraumaMan, this life-like simulation can be used to practice the following procedures:

  • Cricothyroidotomy

  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy

  • Needle Decompression

  • Chest Tube Insertion

  • Pericardiocentesis

  • Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage

TraumaChild Procedures

This anatomically correct five year old body form is equipped with an articulating head so it can be adjusted like an actual patient during the tracheal procedures. TraumaChild's airway is powered by an internal ventilator - the system is very quiet and is self-contained within the TraumaChild body form. This system also offers simplified cleaning and maintenance processes.

Various Access SitesVascularAccessChild is the only high fidelity soft tissue pediatric simulator designed to train central line placement. Simulab has leveraged its highly acclaimed vascular access trainers to meet the unique needs of pediatric simulation. This simulated five year old child includes replaceable tissues, ultrasound compatibility during catheter placement, and three access sites including:

  • Internal Jugular

  • Subclavian

  • Femoral